China comes top and exported almost US$3.6tn in 2022. The US comes in second with US$2tn in exports, followed by the US$1.7tn exported by Germany.

The Incoterms® are classified into four main categories: E (departure), F (main carriage unpaid), C (main carriage paid), and D (arrival). This classification system facilitates clear communication and understanding in international trade transactions.

No, Incoterms aren’t a substitute for shipment documentation such as bills of lading. They provide additional information to determine which party assumes the risk when transporting goods.

Preservation of wine quality, a better shelf life and increased customer satisfaction.

Flexitanks are suitable for transporting a wide range of non-hazardous liquids, including: 

  • Wine, beer and spirits 
  • Adhesives, biodiesal, emulsions, oil, water-based paints
  • Food-grade oils 
  • Non-hazardous chemicals

The cost will vary depending on the quantity you are shipping, the mode of transport and the distance it needs to travel.

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With US$3.38tn imported in 2022, the US is the top importer in the world. China is second with US$2.7tn in imports and Germany is third with US$1.6tn. 

The English word ‘cargo’ has been around since at least the 1650s, when it was used for freight that was loaded onto a ship. It comes from the Spanish word ‘cargar’, which means ‘to load’. In turn, ‘cargar’ comes from the Latin ‘carricare’, meaning ‘to load a cart’. 

According to the WEF, Japan has the highest quality railroad infrastructure in the world with 6.8 points. Hong Kong comes in second with 6.5 and Switzerland is third with 6.4.

The temperature range for a 20-foot standard reefer container is -30ºC to +30ºC.

On the positive side, trading services, digital goods, and e-commerce are growing and more regional trade agreements are being signed or negotiated. On the downside, trade sanctions and protectionist policies are increasing.

Germany’s Deutsche Bahn is the biggest rail freight company in Europe. In 2020, it transported almost 76,700mtk of cargo. The second biggest, VDV, is also German. VDV moved 37,772mtk in 2020. Third is Austrian company OBB, which hauled 24,232mtk. 

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Air cargo logistics is more correctly called air freight logistics. It refers to the management, planning, and process of transporting goods from one place to another by air. Originally, logistics was a term used by the military but now it is used by companies all along the supply chain.

No, Incoterms® are updated every 10 years to reflect the changing global trade landscape. The most recent version is Incoterms® 2020.

Global trade makes the world economy more efficient. It allows goods, and services to be transported to where they are needed and increases productivity.

In 2021, the world's three top imported products were crude petroleum (US$951bn), integrated circuits (US$823bn), and refined petroleum (US$746bn). Cars were fourth with US$723bn traded globally and imports of broadcasting equipment were fifth with a value of US$473bn. For comparison, the total value of wine traded globally in 2022 was US$41.24bn.

If ‘normal planes’ means passenger aircraft, then yes, they frequently carry cargo. This is also known as ‘belly cargo’ and it adds an extra source of revenue for carriers. 

In the EU, the main types of freight in 2021 were metal ores, mining and quarrying products, and peat. The most common types of freight in the U.S. are coal, chemicals, and grain.

The biggest exports from the United States are refined petroleum, petroleum gas, crude petroleum, automobiles, and integrated circuits. Most US exports go to Canada, Mexico, and China.

Flexitanks offer numerous advantages over traditional tankers, which include:

  • Significant cost savings due to reduced shipping and handling costs
  • Low environmental impact, as they are made from biodegradeable and recyclable materials
  • Hillebrand Gori's flexitanks offer a protective barrier, effectively safeguarding against oxidation and taint compounds.

Global trade can be affected by many factors. Natural disasters, unpredictable exchange rates, political instability, and protectionism can all cause global trade to slow down.

In 2022, the US was the largest wine importer in the world by volume and value. It imported 14.4mhl (million hectolitres) which is valued at €7bn.

Germany was the second largest wine importing country in terms of volume (13.4mhl) but third when it comes to value (€2.7bn).

The UK imported 13.0mhl putting it third by volume, but with those imports worth €4.8bn, the UK is in second place for value.

When it comes to the amount of freight transported by rail, China comes out on top with 2,852,068 million tonne-kilometers (mtk) moved in 2019.

In terms of rail network infrastructure, the US has the largest system in the world with 149,000km of tracks available in 2021.

According to the United Nations inflation, along with higher energy prices, rising interest rates, and the war in Ukraine may lead to a slowdown in global trade in 2023.

An import is a shipment of goods received into a country from another.  An export is a shipment of goods sent from one country to another.

No, Incoterms must be specifically incorporated into a contract between buyer and seller.

History’s first global trade route may have been the original Silk Road which was actually a network of routes that connected China to Rome. It lasted from 130 BC to  1453 AD and stretched around 6,437km (4,000 miles) across some of the world’s most inhospitable deserts and mountains. 

Temperature-controlled shipping is a method of protecting wine from extreme temperatures during transport. It involves using dry containers fitted with an insulation liner or a refrigerated container.

A liquid bulk carrier is a vessel designed for efficiently transporting large volumes of liquid.

They’re typically constructed with insulated tanks that protect cargo from external temperature changes and allows for easy loading and unloading.

Common bulk liquid transportation vessels used include:

  • Chemical tankers
  • Oil and petroleum tankers
  • Product tankers

Yes, you can ship wine during any season.  However, you will need to choose the right shipping container type to manage the temperature and humidity along the transport journey.

Air cargo is used by manufacturers, retailers, and other businesses around the world who require speedy delivery. Sending products or raw materials by air lets these companies move their goods safely and securely in a short space of time.

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