Freight Forwarding

You can ship any quantity, anywhere with Hillebrand.  For less than a full container or trailer load shipment, take a look at our Groupage services.
A full container load is exactly that. Your products are the exclusive occupants of ‘your’ container for the entire duration of the freight shipment, for which you pay a lumpsum. A full container load is one shipper to one receiver.
International terms of sale that show where the liability of the cargo in terms of its ownership, shipment responsibilities and other associated items sits.
Yes. Hillebrand provides customs clearance services all over the world. So no matter where your cargo starts or finishes its journey we'll make sure it gets there safely and within the legal, regulatory and legislative framework set out by those countries.

Alcohol transportation rules and regulation vary by country, region or local municipality.  Check with your local office or contact us here.


A less-than container load shipment is when the amount of cargo you have to ship, is not enough to fill an entire container. In this instance, your pallets are co-loaded in a shared container with other cargo
Your transporter operates a container and included in it are the pallets of cargo owned by its customers.
Groupage is provided by freight forwarders like Hillebrand, and we only load your pallets with other beverage products. Groupage service providers, operate warehouses where they combine cargo from several exporters, ship, deconsolidate the FCL and deliver to multiple receivers.
The major benefits of choosing FCL include less risk of damage, less handling time and direct shipping to destination. FCL shipments are loaded directly at the supplier’s premises and delivered straight to the recipient. That means uninterrupted cargo transport without any intermediary consolidation needed.
Less Than Trailer/Truck Load.  Your cargo shares space in a trailer/truck with other cargo.
A freight forwarder is a company that acts as an intermediary between someone wanting to ship goods and the transport operator who's service it will move on.
A freight forwarder will assume responsibility for your cargo for the time it is placed in their care. They are able to negotiate the price of services better than individuals since they have bigger and more frequent volumes to move.  They also have the knowledge of the most economical, reliable and fastest routes. Nowadays, they will even offer add-on services like customs clearance, insurance and order tracking.
The benefits of groupage and LCL shipments include cost effectiveness and the ability to choose the exact volume required for transport, without needing to wait for enough product to fill a full container before shipping. The total freight cost for transporting a pallet is cheaper than shipping than a full container.
LCL services are provided by companies known as co-loaders or consolidators. These are operators that do not have a direct relationship with the freight payer and co-load pallets of all types of goods to fill the container.
Consolidation typically refers to co-loading LCL or LTL shipments from various shippers into one full container (seafreight, trailer/truck, rail).  The transporter could be a shipping line or a freight forwarder.
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