We move your beer with care because you brew it with passion

Brewed with passion, moved with passion

Beer is a sensitive product, so we handle it with the utmost care while in transit. We follow safeguarding measures that have been designed in collaboration with brewers to make sure beer arrives to its destination in perfect condition.

We move more than beer

Aside from beer transportation and keg logistics, we can help plan the transport of your malt, hops, bottles, and other packaging or point of sales materials to save you money and time. With the Hillebrand keg logistics team, shipping beer is easy and affordable.

Bell's Brewery achieves more with Kegspediter

Working with our Kegspediter solutions, Bell's Brewery saw a return of over 10,000 kegs in its first 60 days. That could support an additional 1,400 tap handles annually. In it's first 6 months, kegs returned 70% faster than they were able to achieve on their own, which means Bell's Brewery could meet their current order schedules with 38 percent fewer kegs. That represented a $580,000 value that could be further invested in market growth and expansion efforts.

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Beck’s Brewery has experienced a significantly faster keg turn-around time than expected thanks to Kegspediter. Participating in that program has allowed us to overcome long keg turn-around times. We  have received value from our business relationship through lower capital investments in new kegs. We have a high level of trust and rapport with these professional staff.

Brauerei Beck & Company Beck’s Brewery, USA
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