Beverage samples, bottles, cases and pallets transported with care

Feel the benefit of sending a little, more often

You can transport bottles, cans, cases and pallets anywhere in the world easily, with our less than container load (LCL services) and beverage only groupage services. Moving smaller quantities more frequently than a full container load can improve cash flow and help you respond to consumer demands faster.

Send samples the simple way

Place a bottle in our hands or a case in our arms and we'll get your wine, beer or spirit samples to destination with thoughtful handling and attention to detail. We'll even do the documentation, customs clearance and anything else you need to easily get your samples delivered!

Frequent departures

View our global schedules, per destination country or area.

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  • Prompt collection
  • End-to-end service: from documentation to customs clearance
  • Live shipment visibility through myHillebrand
  • Temperature-controlled collection and warehouses upon request
  • Beverage-only services
  • Insulated and refrigerated options to protect from the effects of thermal shocks, bad smells and humidity and cross-contamination 
  • Packing and storage safeguard


  • From multiple suppliers or warehouses to customer
  • Consolidation when required in our secure warehouse and temperature-controlled transportation
  • Any transport mode
In the business of wine? Set sail with our groupage services


LCL shipping just for beverages

You'll only pay for the cases or pallets you move on one of our fixed departure sailings. We operate warehouses for bonded and duty paid alcohol, combining wine, beer and spirits from several exporters into an insulated container. Once it has set sail and arrived at destination, we deconsolidate it, then deliver each shipment where it needs to go.


Aroma and freshness protected

Safeguard your drink's quality with our LCL container services. Most of our groupage container services are either temperature-controlled or insulated, but on routes where we've not yet been able to implement this, our insulation liners are available for pallets. They protect your goods from temperature & humidity and come in a range of sizes.

Simplify your shipping with everything in one place

myHillebrandgori puts you in control of your shipments, with alerts and notifications, pushed to the device of your choice. Set your language preference and time zone and you'll receive live milestone updates. You can even request a quote, manage your invoices and pay your bills, all in one place.



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