Cross trade corridors with our road freight services

Take trucking up a gear

Whether you want us to move a little or a lot, our road freight transport services for wines, beers and spirits will do it safely. We use trusted carriers and a fleet of high standard vehicles. Also, our drivers understand that what they carry is fragile - not only the drinks but years of craftsmanship.

We do things like this

Road freight logistics at the highest service levels, to begin the transport of 130 bottles of wine, valued at 600,000 €, 1500m above sea level in the snowy Austrian mountains, to Hong Kong.

Going the extra mile

Place your beverages on our trucks and watch as they begin their freight transportation by road to destination. Whether we drive them all the way, or just to departure port or terminal, you can count on us to keep them safe. Upgrade your service by including our insurance package and temperature control equipment.

Jump in the driving seat

myHillebrandgori puts you in control of your shipments, with alerts and notifications, pushed to the device of your choice. Set your language preference and time zone and you'll receive live milestone updates. You can even request a quote, manage your invoices and pay your bills, all in one place.

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