When there is no time to lose, take to the skies

Get ready for takeoff

If your beverage shipment is time sensitive, our global air transport services are the fastest way for your shipment to reach its destination. Unlike other modes of transport, airplanes can divert bad weather easily, avoiding risks of delays and damages.

We do things like this

We were asked to move 160 tons of wine and spirits from Le Havre and Cognac (France) to New York in one single week. We chartered an Airbus for two round trips, covering a whopping 23,000km in total.

Navigate to new markets

Access even the remotest of beverage markets, with global air transport. We'll help you fly into action and send or receive drinks any where in the world. We are IATA approved and partner with trusted airline carriers to move any volume of alcohol with speed and accuracy, whether it’s a single bottle or a full charter aircraft.

It's smooth skies all the way

You can be sure your wines, beers or spirits will arrive on time and in optimum condition, with our air shipment services. We use reliable air shipping carriers and direct flight services to significantly reduce the handling of your drinks and mitigate risks.

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