Wine transportation has been our passion for 175 years

We're where wine is crafted and consumed

Placing our offices in every market where wine is crafted and consumed means your wines are in safe hands with us.  Carefully managed by passionate people who understand the sensitivity of wine logistics, local legislation and global regulation. 

Our services go beyond wine logistics

Enquire about our winery transport solutions which include wine, barrels, bottles and more. Our knowledge in wine care means we ship and protect products with our insulation liners to safe-guard them from contaminants. We believe in helping you to make the most efficient and cost effective use of transport.

Wine shipping since 1844

Working with us you can move your wine in full loads, part loads, cases, boxes or in bulk. Whether you want to transport by road, sea, rail or air, we'll work with you to optimise transit times, safeguard their quality and offer solutions to streamline the supply chain.

Over 25,000 companies, big and small, trust Hillebrand with their products and supply chain
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Hillebrand has been providing logistic services to De Bortoli Wines since 1999 wherein they have proven to be highly professional. During this time they have provided our business with excellent support and expert advice in areas of bottled and bulk wine export, transport, export/import procedures, customs clearance and other general related services. We can confidently recommend Hillebrand as a reliable service provider and an expert specialist in their field of beer, wine & spirits logistics.

Tony Harper De Bortoli Wines, Australia
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