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Wine preservation made easier

Thermal risk is the number one cause for quality deterioration in wines and beers during transportation and storage.  We can help you predict when your shipment will be at risk from it, and what you can do to avoid it using our meteorological data sourced through the WMO (World Meteorological Organization).

Insulation liner: The technology that protects and preserves your wine

Preserving your wine is essential. Don't let temperature ruin your product and tarnish your brand. Don't miss out on this free infographic!

You're in safe and experienced hands with us

You spend time ageing wine to perfection, crafting the perfect beer and maturing spirits, and we've spent years understanding them. Your drinks should be consumed with that ready-to-bottle freshness, which is why we place great importance on wine preservation on every journey. We research potential risks in global shipping that can cause deterioration in quality, then design and manufacture insulation liners to protect them.

Wine preservation and beer preservation is easy, using our insulation liner with a breathable membrane. Its membrane ceiling allows humidity to escape and excess vapor to pass over it but not through it, keeping your pallets safe in a stable temperature and humidity environment.

The insulation liners

  • For all dry containers and pallet sizes
  • Integral liner with a breathable membrane to regulate humidity level
  • Food-grade compatible with USA FDA
  • Floor covering option to ensure cleanliness and sealing
  • Patented system to maximize the air gap around the liner

The protection

  • Thermal shocks
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Humidity infiltration and extremes (high/low)
  • Container rain (condensation)
  • Cross-contamination risks
  • Bad smells

The advantages

  • 94% radiant heat reflection (compared to 50% from competitors' liners)* 
  • Keeps temperatures inside the container 5ºC lower than competitor liners in hot conditions
  • A dry container insulated with our insulation liner causes 23% less CO2 emissions than a reefer container**
  • Limits the temperature rising more than 11ºC, from loading temperature on journeys longer than 30 days
  • Breathable membrane allows humidity to escape, stabilizing the humidity level to around 70%
  • Excess water vapour passes over the membrane but not through it
*ASTM testing methodology; **survey conducted in 2019 with Clean Cargo carrier members
Our insulation liners can do this

The naturally and frequent occurring, phenomenon of container rain, can ruin cargo packaging if not properly managed. It happens during a container’s journey, when temperatures fluctuate severely, passing from day to night and through latitudes. Avoiding it is impossible. Protecting your pallets from it is easy!

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