Feel safe with the science behind our flexitanks

Designed with wine in mind

Preserve the quality of your wines with our specially designed, 100% recyclable flexitanks. We've made them in collaboration with wine experts, to include a protective barrier, that safeguards every drop from the risks of oxygen ingress and taint compounds.

We do things like this

Flexitank shipping offers significant wins on the environmental front - up to 40% less CO2e verses bottles. Here's how Lanchester Wines use our flexitank shipping solutions, combined with rail transport and light weight glass to drastically reduce their footprint.

There's safety in our science

Choose our flexitanks to carry your wines - they possess the strength, flexibility and durability needed to safely move them across the globe. For us, flexitank production begins with polymers, carefully selected for their strong technical properties and blended in precise ratios for superior molecular integrity.

We'll help you to bulk up

Changing from cased shipping to bulk shipping? We'll be by your side - literally! Our support goes beyond supplying the flexitank and the transport service. We offer on-site technical support at loading and discharge locations to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Looking for an end-to-end service?

Recover, Reduce, Repair, Reuse, Recycle

As a global logistics organization, as well as a manufacturer, we take our environmental responsibilities extremely seriously. We're on a sustainability journey to create a circular economy for all the equipment we produce; knowing how important it is to have full traceability over the raw materials we use and where our items end up.

Did you know...

You can use our flexitanks to safely store your wine too. Plus, they can be loaded and discharged several times and even come with a valve and tap for easy wine sampling, anytime! Whether its on-site or off-site, we'll create a solution just for you.

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