100% recyclable flexitanks for your bulk shipments

The highest standards of flexitank production

Every flexitank is manufactured in an FSSC22000 certified environment, to meet the food grade manufacturing standards set out by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and we have full traceability over the materials we use. 

Safe with science

Flexitank production begins with polymers, carefully selected for their strong technical properties and blended in precise ratios for superior molecular integrity. They give our flexitanks the strength, flexibility and durability they need to safely carry products across the globe.

Compatibility is key

Each flexitank we create is cargo-specific.  Designed to address the exact challenges of the products we carry. Product quality relies on choosing the right flexitank.  Oxygen ingress, temperature control and high viscosity products require purpose built flexitanks.

Store liquids with confidence

A Hillebrand flexitank can be used to store liquids in or out of a container.  It’s a flexible, temporary or permanent bulk liquid container storage solution. Keeping product stored safely on-site or off-site until it’s discharged. 

Just call us and we’ll be there

On the rare occasion an incident occurs, we can promise you our swift response.  Thoughtful, solution focused, cost conscious incident responders are reachable every hour, in every continent. Our ‘go-bag’ is always by the door in case you need us. 

Reduce waste

Let’s recover, reuse and recycle the equipment used in bulk shipping.  Learn more about recycling your flexitank and helping us to re-use bulkheads.

Over 25,000 companies, big and small, trust Hillebrand with their products and supply chain
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