Cargo insurance tailored for your wine, beer and spirit shipments

Consider the value, not the insurance premium

You can protect your business from financial pain in the unlikely event of loss or damage to your shipment, with our Hillebrand Gori cargo insurance. Get an estimate in seconds with our shipping cargo insurance calculator.

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Our shipping insurance calculator gives you a premium indication within seconds.

Commercial value
Contact us to get your insurance premium for commercial values of 100.000 and above
Insured value includes a 10% uplift
Your insurance premium indication
  • One single Hillebrand Gori contact for your shipping and insurance
  • Less paperwork
  • Broad “all risks” basis coverage 
  • All modes of transport and container types
  • Thermal coverage included if shipped with all Hillebrand Gori insulation liners (except thermal blanket), or an operating temperature-controlled container
  • Thermal shocks are only insured when shipped in a plugged-in operating reefer and when adequately shipped (not exposed to extreme hot or cold temperature deviation) using Hillebrand Gori insulation liner, not a thermal blanket.
  • Compensation in full to the value insured
  • Reimbursement of freight costs
  • No deductible in most countries and no excess to pay
  • Hassle free & diligent claims management
  • Fast settlement – payment within 2 weeks after full claim file submission to insurers
We've got you covered!

Hillebrand Gori cargo insurance

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