How does 600,000 € of wine travel to auction

For anyone transporting products across the globe, there are two main things that must be achieved; on-time delivery and perfect product condition. But when transporting wine that is valued at 600.000 €, careful handling, thoughtful logistics and precision is also an unquestionable requirement.

The mission: Transport 130 fine and rare wine bottles from a private collector, 1500m above sea level in the snowy Austrian mountains, for sale at one of the most prestigious auction houses in Hong Kong.

No matter the route, a shipment of this value under the care of Hillebrand is managed by a dedicated Fine and Rare cargo team.


Unlike regular shipments, a lot of the process is unique and customised.  In the case of this shipment, our team were physically on-site to gently pack the wine bottles into cartons, alongside a representative from the auction house. This was done in the cellar to maintain the temperature in which the product was already being stored at. Important in the preservation of the wine’s quality!


Being a private collector, our customer was unaware they needed to be a registered exporter and have an EORI number to move their wines.  Hillebrand arranged this for them as part of our high value cargo service.


The packing cartons on this occasion, were provided by Hillebrand - the global shipping crisis had delayed the original inbound packaging. Moreover, once palletised, the cases were safeguarded by one of our VinLiner pallet covers to protect the wine’s freshness and quality as it travels to its destination.


Collected day one, delivered day 3

This precious pallet took to the skies via Frankfurt airport, following its high security transport across the border into Germany. At this time, Austria was also in a full country lockdown and so Hillebrand needed to co-ordinate various travel restrictions in order to just move it locally. The journey was made in a refrigerated trailer, for to-the-degree temperature control.  Two drivers took care of this pallet, stopping only once to swap seats.  A common practise for our fine and rare cargo, to ensure its safety and move it quickly.

All high value cargo shipments can be covered by Hillebrand’s insurance policy, designed specifically for the beverage industry and tailored to each consignment.


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