Every five to six years, the WCO reviews and revises the codes to account for changes in regulatory requirements, technology and trade patterns. Check for updates regularly to ensure your wine shipment is correctly classified and compliant with current regulations.

Some common mistakes include misclassifying your wine, not properly vetting the customs broker or freight forwarder and using an outdated code. It's important to thoroughly understand the product and its components when choosing an HS code. 

A ruling is an official interpretation by Customs and Border Protection of the HS code assigned to a product. This ruling provides guidance on how to classify similar products. Rulings can be overturned or updated, so check for changes.

Different wines may have different duty rates based on alcohol content, country of origin or production method. Trade agreements or preferential treatment programs may impact rates, so use resources like the USITC Tariff Database or Customs Info Database to stay up to date.