In terms of rail network infrastructure, the US has the largest system in the world with 149,000km of tracks available in 2021.

When it comes to the amount of freight transported by rail, China comes out on top with 2,852,068 million tonne-kilometers (mtk) moved in 2019.

In the EU, the main types of freight in 2021 were metal ores, mining and quarrying products, and peat. The most common types of freight in the U.S. are coal, chemicals, and grain.

According to the WEF, Japan has the highest quality railroad infrastructure in the world with 6.8 points. Hong Kong comes in second with 6.5 and Switzerland is third with 6.4.

Germany’s Deutsche Bahn is the biggest rail freight company in Europe. In 2020, it transported almost 76,700mtk of cargo. The second biggest, VDV, is also German. VDV moved 37,772mtk in 2020. Third is Austrian company OBB, which hauled 24,232mtk. 

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