Bulk wine refers to large quantities of wine being transported in flexitanks or ISO tank container. This method of transportation allows for more efficient and cost-effective shipping.

An efficient way to ship wine in bulk is through Flexitanks. These large, single-use tanks can hold up to 24,000 liters of wine. Work with a freight forwarder specialising in wine logistics, like Hillebrand Gori, to ensure the safe and efficient transportation of your wine.

The International Maritime Organization has specific regulations and standards for transporting bulk liquids. These standards cover quality control, safety, and environmental considerations. Each country may also have regulatory bodies overseeing the import and export of bulk wine.

By eliminating the need for individual bottles and packaging, bulk shipping significantly reduces transportation costs. It also allows for more efficient use of space, as a single flexitank can hold almost double the amount of wine compared to bottles in a container. This reduces the number of shipments needed, reducing costs and carbon emissions. Additionally, it helps eliminate waste from packaging materials, making it a more environmentally friendly option.