An import is a shipment of goods received into a country from another.  An export is a shipment of goods sent from one country to another.

In 2021, the world's three top imported products were crude petroleum (US$951bn), integrated circuits (US$823bn), and refined petroleum (US$746bn). Cars were fourth with US$723bn traded globally and imports of broadcasting equipment were fifth with a value of US$473bn. For comparison, the total value of wine traded globally in 2022 was US$41.24bn.

In 2022, the US was the largest wine importer in the world by volume and value. It imported 14.4mhl (million hectolitres) which is valued at €7bn.

Germany was the second largest wine importing country in terms of volume (13.4mhl) but third when it comes to value (€2.7bn).

The UK imported 13.0mhl putting it third by volume, but with those imports worth €4.8bn, the UK is in second place for value.

The biggest exports from the United States are refined petroleum, petroleum gas, crude petroleum, automobiles, and integrated circuits. Most US exports go to Canada, Mexico, and China.

With US$3.38tn imported in 2022, the US is the top importer in the world. China is second with US$2.7tn in imports and Germany is third with US$1.6tn. 

China comes top and exported almost US$3.6tn in 2022. The US comes in second with US$2tn in exports, followed by the US$1.7tn exported by Germany.