How ocean freight is used for shipping in a sustainable way

In the ‘old days’ people took cruises and ferries to move around the world. Now, or just before the Covid-19 crisis, we have the ability to fly to any place in the world, even if the distance between departure and arrival points is only a few kilometers.

However, we still find that cargo remains to be moved on ships. The definition of Ocean Freight is a way to transport goods by sea, putting the cargo in shipping containers that are then loaded onto vessels. Today, we continue to see 90% of the world’s trade being carried this way.



There are a few reasons to choose Ocean Freight:

  • Cost: While air freight is often faster, it can be five or six time more expensive. So ocean freight is a more affordable way to move your liquids.
  • Capacity: vessels can carry between 18,000 and 30,000 containers … and each shipping container can hold 10,000 bottles of wine or 24,000 liters of any bulk liquid.
  • Sustainability: the CO2 emissions are much lower. Take a look at the following comparison
(Source: DEFRA, Clean Cargo calculation 2018)

The ability to plan in advance and factor in ocean freight transit time, not only protects the environment but also your cash flow. If you need to move less than one container, you can rely on Hillebrand’s Groupage Beverage Only Services with frequent departures, covering more than 120 trade lanes around the world.

When moving your beer, wines or spirits around the world, several steps are required, including the understanding of alcoholic beverages’ regulations and legislation, which can take too much of your valuable time. That’s why Hillebrand has a team of experts in 90 countries to help you with all the administration and stages involved in the shipping process. Our friendly teams will check the temperature risks during the transit time, recommend the best way to protect your cargo from thermal shocks and humidity, manage everything with suppliers, arrange inland transportation to port, book space in vessels, clear customs and everything that is required for your beverages and bulk to be delivered timely and safely!

All you’ll need to do is connect to myHillebrand to check the progress of your shipment and have access to all the documents. Are you ready to start the most efficient shipping journey for your goods?

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