Importing wine can be a complex process involving several parties in the supply chain. You need to obtain the necessary licenses and permits for importing alcohol and find reliable suppliers, then negotiate prices and terms of delivery, and arrange for transportation of the wine to your destination country. 

The International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) developed ISPM 15 to address concerns about spreading pests through wooden packaging materials. Many countries globally have widely adopted and enforced this regulation.

New Zealand was the first country to adopt ISPM 15 in 2003. Australia followed in 2004, and the European Union adopted it in 2005.

No. ISPM 15 doesn't encompass all types of wooden pallets. It only applies to those used for international shipping, as they pose a higher risk of spreading pests. Pallets intended for domestic use within a country are exempt from this requirement. Additionally, ISPM 15 doesn't apply to plastic or metal pallets.