Shipping documents are important paperwork required when shipping goods, including wine, beer or spirits. These documents provide crucial information for customs clearance and ensure your shipment arrives on time and safely.

When shipping products, you'll need to provide information like the product type, quantity, value, destination and ship date. This information helps customs determine the necessary duties, taxes and tariffs and ensures your shipment complies with all regulations.

Shipping documents are typically completed by you or a freight forwarder (like Hillebrand Gori). While it is possible to handle shipping documents yourself, using a freight forwarder can simplify the process and prevent errors. A freight forwarder has expertise in dealing with customs and regulations and can manage all necessary paperwork for your shipment. They can also provide valuable guidance on the most efficient and cost-effective shipping methods.

Yes, you can submit many shipping documents electronically — known as a Paperless Trade (PLT) service. This allows for a more streamlined and efficient process, reducing the possibility of errors and speeding up customs clearance.