Transporting wine is a niche sector within the logistics industry. It involves moving wine from where it is made to where it is consumed. This can involve various modes of transportation, such as trucks, trains, ships, or planes.

Flexitanks and ISO tanks are two options for shipping wine in bulk. Flexitanks are more accessible and can be recycled. ISO tanks require cleaning after each use and can be harder to come by in the market.

Bulk transport refers to moving large quantities of wine in bulk containers such as flexitanks or ISO tanks, whereas bottled transport refers to shipping wine in cases on pallets. Bulk transport is generally more cost-effective per liter, while bottled transport allows you to ship more than one type or brand of wine in a single container.

Insulated containers offer protection against temperature fluctuations, which can impact the quality and taste of wine. With insulated containers, you’ll have a stable climate throughout the journey, preventing thermal shock and preserving the integrity of the wine.