We pledge to protect the Arctic  

Ocean Conservancy say that the Arctic is warming up to three times faster than anywhere else on the planet. That’s an extraordinary rate! 


Hillebrand has signed the Arctic Shipping Corporate Pledge to not offer services that ship via the Arctic. This pledge, launched by the NGO Ocean Conservancy, is a volunteer commitment by consumer goods and shipping logistics companies to not send vessels through the Arctic’s globally significant, and rapidly melting, sea ice. 

In recognition of the negative impacts, we voluntarily agree to neither offer services nor partner with companies that use Arctic transshipment routes. Although a permanently ice-free Arctic would shorten transit times, increased shipping traffic poses additional threats to the Arctic environment. 

Our responsibility as a freight forwarder is to acknowledge the risks that not only climate change poses for our planet, but the actions we take as people and as a company, and contribute to minimising that impact by acting now.  

Hillebrand’s signing of the Arctic Shipping Corporate Pledge is a step towards protecting and preserving the Arctic’s unique ecosystem. 

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