How did 700,000 Euros of wine travel to auction?

How long does it take to photograph, package, insulate, insure and move 800 bottles of fine and rare wines 3080km?  Just five days!

Destination, one of the most reputable auction houses in Hong Kong. A place to experience the best of art and luxury (as stated on their website!).  This, the journey’s end for 71 cases of collector wines, valued at over 700,000 Euros.



The owner of the bottles, preserved the quality and value of the wines at his home, set in a beautifully rural village 180km outside of Tokyo. Together with a locally appointed fine and rare wine expert, the collection was carefully itemised and photographed.  With thoughtful handling, the Hillebrand team then packaged and transported the wines safely to Narita airport using air suspension trucks.  There, they were then palletized and insulated for their 2900km journey to the auction house in Hong Kong.

Part of the Hillebrand fine and rare service, includes VinLiner insulation to prevent thermal shock and humidity extremes. 

Without question, the bespoke insurance of these products was an absolute must-have too.  Comprehensively covering not only the value of the wines, but the quality of them too.  Hillebrand’s policy for high valued items such as these, is created specifically for each project undertaken and includes a zero excess/deductibles. So in the unlikely event of theft or damage, their owner would be compensated the insured value amount agreed upon.


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