Hillebrand delivery drivers rewarded for safe driving

Delivering wines, beers and spirits is about more than just the right equipment and trucks, it’s about the people – namely, the drivers who are making the drop-offs.  We took a closer look at this and whether new technology could provide feedback to improve the safety of our delivery team. 

In a recent survey of our last mile drivers, we learned that vehicle and equipment safety ranked high on their priority list.  That led us to implement Samsara, a vehicle and driver coaching platform.

Why it’s good for the product

It monitors the climatic environment inside the delivery truck and alerts the driver and the office team in real-time, if temperatures exceed or fall below the set parameters.

Why it’s good for the drivers

The Samsara software gives visibility on the way vehicles are driven, identifies ‘coachable moments’ and enables us to provide that to the driver.  Feedback from vehicle diagnostics and sensors are linked to scenario trainings so actual events the driver experiences can be reviewed together after. We’re even able to create a reward program for our drivers, to incentivize them to drive safely and continuously improve their driving skills.

It also enables drivers to transmit the information required for vehicle inspections and schedule maintenance from their devices. 

With last mile delivery service, the cargo configuration in the truck changes after each stop, so encouraging safe driving practices will protect our drivers and the products they carry.” Elly Hartshorn, Last Mile Business Development Director, Hillebrand

Hillebrand delivery drivers are such an important part of the transport process – they create the final and lasting impression of the entire logistics service. The safety of them and our customer’s products led us to taking this next step, beyond the current real time tracking and route updates that our customers already receive today.

Find out more about our last mile delivery here [https://www.hillebrand.com/last-mile]

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