Air cargo is used by manufacturers, retailers, and other businesses around the world who require speedy delivery. Sending products or raw materials by air lets these companies move their goods safely and securely in a short space of time.

The English word ‘cargo’ has been around since at least the 1650s, when it was used for freight that was loaded onto a ship. It comes from the Spanish word ‘cargar’, which means ‘to load’. In turn, ‘cargar’ comes from the Latin ‘carricare’, meaning ‘to load a cart’. 

Air cargo logistics is more correctly called air freight logistics. It refers to the management, planning, and process of transporting goods from one place to another by air. Originally, logistics was a term used by the military but now it is used by companies all along the supply chain.

If ‘normal planes’ means passenger aircraft, then yes, they frequently carry cargo. This is also known as ‘belly cargo’ and it adds an extra source of revenue for carriers.