Anticipate climate risks and protect your goods

The future is yours to manage

Analyze your current routes and plan future shipments to manage the risk of extreme temperatures.


Temperature and humidity, the enemies of your wines and beers

Heat exposure can accelerate premature ageing.  Cold temperatures can affect a wines freshness and a low humidity level might damage the packaging.

Predict the climate conditions on your shipping route

Predict the temperature and humidity on your planned route with the largest database of global shipping combined with meteorological data (sourced by World Meteorological Organization), gathering 110,000 sea-shipping routes, 3,300 alternative sea routings and 2,500 cities.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing

By understanding the thermal risks facing your products when they are in transit, and by taking an accurate look at historical temperature conditions on your chosen route, you can plan shipments better.


Understand the temperature risks for your goods

Oil, fruit juices and food are also sensitive to temperature and humidity risks. Ask us about the climate risks on your cargo’s planned route. 

Anticipate, act and avoid

Thermal risks are easily managed with our myHillebrand platform, as you’ll see a complete view of the temperatures your shipment is facing whilst in transit at each stage of the journey.  We'll even show you your shipments carbon footprint!

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