The general average clause covers intentional damages or losses sustained for the mutual benefit of all parties involved in the shipment. The particular average clause covers partial damages or losses to cargo from specific perils. This may include actions like discarding cargo to reduce the weight of a distressed ship.

These are guidelines for determining and distributing the costs of a general average loss first established in 1890. These rules provide a framework for calculating and allocating costs.

The best way to protect yourself from general average losses is with a comprehensive marine cargo insurance policy. This insurance will cover your goods and any related costs in the event of a general average situation. Carefully review your policy and ensure it includes coverage for general average losses.

The cost of general average insurance varies depending on several factors, such as the value of the cargo shipped and the level of coverage desired. A freight forwarder, like Hillebrand Gori, can help you find the best insurance options for your specific needs and budget.