Hillebrand Italy gets hands on against hunger

The economic consequences of the pandemic have been and remain especially hard hitting for vulnerable families worldwide. The rift of inequality is growing across the globe, with some nations noticeably more divided than others. One such nation is Italy. 

In Italy, the rate of the ‘Newly Poor’ (the definition given to people who cannot meet their basic needs due to the effects of the pandemic) is up to a whopping 45% of all those seeking essential aid, according to the 2020 report by NGO Caritas. Almost one in two people who turn to Caritas for help is doing so for the first time. That’s a steep increase of 13% compared to 2019 (source: Foreign Policy), an urgent issue when that percentage equates to hundreds of thousands of hungry citizens. The largest rise in poverty seen among women, young people and families

Rise Against Hunger (RAH) Italy
is a prominent charity in the country on a mission to end hunger through sustainable community development projects and volunteer programs. RAH partners with associations such as the Italian Red Cross to distribute as much food as possible to those who need it most in difficult times.

Last month, Hillebrand got hands on against hunger by participating in a meal packing event with RAH to prepare 50 meal kits, enough to provide up to 3 weeks of nutrition for 50 people in need. Our teams from Hillebrand’s Italian offices got together, rolled up their sleeves, and got the meals ready.  40 of these meal packs were then donated to the Italian Red Cross to distribute to struggling families throughout Florence, one of the areas suffering most in Tuscany, and 10 to Emporio Solidale Il Sole, Casalecchio di Reno (BO), also known as ‘The Emporium’. The Emporium works as a charitable ‘minimarket’, where products are donated, staff are volunteers, and customers are local families under difficult economic conditions. The Emporium distributes meal kits on a weekly basis as well.

We’re really proud of our colleagues in Italy; for what they managed to give as well as for their enthusiasm for the initiative and impressive turnout at the event. A big shout out to you all!

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