A liquid bulk carrier is a vessel designed for efficiently transporting large volumes of liquid.

They’re typically constructed with insulated tanks that protect cargo from external temperature changes and allows for easy loading and unloading.

Common bulk liquid transportation vessels used include:

  • Chemical tankers
  • Oil and petroleum tankers
  • Product tankers

Flexitanks offer numerous advantages over traditional tankers, which include:

  • Significant cost savings due to reduced shipping and handling costs
  • Low environmental impact, as they are made from biodegradeable and recyclable materials
  • Hillebrand Gori's flexitanks offer a protective barrier, effectively safeguarding against oxidation and taint compounds.

Flexitanks are suitable for transporting a wide range of non-hazardous liquids, including: 

  • Wine, beer and spirits 
  • Adhesives, biodiesal, emulsions, oil, water-based paints
  • Food-grade oils 
  • Non-hazardous chemicals