Ever thought ‘this tastes funny…’?

Have you ever opened a bottle, can or packet, taken a bite or a sip and thought ''that doesn’t taste right”? 

How did it make you feel? Annoyed, because you’ve paid for something that you can’t consume? Scared, that you’ve consumed something that doesn’t taste right?

What about the brand…How did you then feel about purchasing not only that product again but other products that the brand has to offer?  Cautious probably, or put off completely.



As a consumer we all want, no, we expect, that the products that we consume are safe for us to swallow and that the taste is of the same quality each time it passes our lips.  Ask yourself, have you ever considered why there may be a difference in the taste sometimes…

When the products we consume are produced in a different country, the transportation of them needs careful planning.  Product manufacturers and specialist forwarders like Hillebrand, place a huge amount of importance and consideration upon the conditions under which they will be shipped.  These include the temperatures they’ll be subjected to at loading, in-transit and delivery.  Some products move across continents, departing in one season and arriving in another.  These extreme shifts in temperature and humidity can cause irreparable damage to consumables if not managed properly. Which is why, if not transported correctly, the item you eat or drink may not taste as it should.

Hillebrand specialises in the transportation of products that require special care, such as consumables.  We are freight forwarders, but we are also consumers, and so just like you, we want every product we eat or drink to be uncompromised in its quality.

We work with some of the biggest brand owner’s in the world, enabling them to present each product in optimum condition at every sale. We work tirelessly to understand the intricacies and requirements of each product we ship and our understanding of these products drives the innovation behind our food-grade flexitanks and protective thermal liners.

If you ship products that require special care in transit, speak to Hillebrand.


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