Supply chain

SCM is the abbreviation of supply chain management. It is process focused to manage the flow of goods and information.
Full Trailer/Truck Load. Your cargo is the sole occupant of a trailer/truck.
A freight forwarder will assume responsibility for your cargo for the time it is placed in their care. They are able to negotiate the price of services better than individuals since they have bigger and more frequent volumes to move.  They also have the knowledge of the most economical, reliable and fastest routes. Nowadays, they will even offer add-on services like customs clearance, insurance and order tracking.
Hillebrand offers services by road and rail.
20ft (6.06m) 8ft (2.44m) 8ft 6in (2.6m)
International terms of sale that show where the liability of the cargo in terms of its ownership, shipment responsibilities and other associated items sits.
Hillebrands offers end-to-end rail freight solutions.  Contact us for service information in your area.
The Verified Gross Mass (VGM) is the total weight of the cargo including the tare weight of the container. Shippers are required to provide VGM as part of the shipping instruction before it can be loaded onto a vessel.
An international Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea. Created by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), to ensure that ships comply with minimum safety standards in construction, equipment and operation.
You can ship any quantity, anywhere with Hillebrand.  For less than a full container or trailer load shipment, take a look at our Groupage services.
A person or company who performs the transport of goods.
Authorised Economic Operator is a status given by HMRC to companies who are trustworthy and and comply with regulation for the movement of goods.
A refrigerated container has a degree of insulation built into its walls.  When the operating unit is not turned on there will still be a level of insulation maintained but it will not be controlled.
Third-Party Logistics refers to fulfilment companies, couriers or freight forwarders that act as a liaison between shippers and manufacturers. 3PLs oversee their own services as well as those of the 2PL they work with.
40ft (12.2m) 8ft (2.44m) 8ft 6in (2.6m)
A freight forwarder is a company that acts as an intermediary between someone wanting to ship goods and the transport operator who's service it will move on.
Non-Vessel-Operating Common Carrier. They undertake all services of an ocean carrier apart from  operating the vessels.
Less Than Trailer/Truck Load.  Your cargo shares space in a trailer/truck with other cargo.
Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit.  Sometimes written as 20ft container and used as a standard of measuring capacity for container ships and container terminals.
Dry containers, insulated containers and refrigerated containers are available through Hillebrand
A bill of lading (B/ L or BOL) is a shipping document that acknowledges goods have been received and are ready for shipment. Created by the company who will transport the goods to the company/person who owns the goods.

Yes, Hillebrand is a Smartway Transport Partner since 2009.

Fourth-Party Logistics oversees the entire supply chain.  4PL may own warehouses or a transportation fleet, or it may outsource these operations. 4PL providers are contracted when a manufacturer wants an external company to take care of every aspect of the logistics journey. Services offered by a 4PL include everything provided by a 3PL plus additional logistics strategy, carrier performance analysis, project management, freight sourcing strategies and more.
Control tower is a centralized gathering of information and analytics to aide visibility of data and better inform decision-making.
Excise duty is a tax levied on the manufacture, sale, or consumption of a commodity like alcohol.
Excise Movement and Control System ( EMCS ) is a computer system that records excise goods that have their duty suspended  and move within the UK and the EU.
Boxcars are an enclosed railroad freight car.  Features such as insulation, refrigeration or other protection against shifting or damage will vary by the manufacturer.
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