When you don’t plan for the worst but the worst happens anyway… 

It’s times like the Suez Canal blockage that make cargo owners say to us ‘I really wish I’d had an insulation liner on that shipment’.  That, and insurance are the two main things we constantly advise customers to consider as part of their “must-haves” in place before sea shipping to manage risk.  

You may feel like we go on about it too much, but these two things make a huge difference to the product and the purse if an incident were to happen, like the Suez Canal traffic jam.

If you have a container of wine bottles currently sitting in the Suez Canal, over the last few days it will have been exposed to temperatures in the region of 12 and 21 degrees Celsius.  Thankfully for wine customers, a lower than average temperature for this time of year. But what if it wasn’t or this was June, and the temperature was 40 degrees Celsius outside the container…?  The wine you’d dreamt of making and the years you’d spent crafting it would be ruined.  Unless… you had one of our insulation liners protecting your product.  



The cost of upgrading your dry container to include a Hillebrand VinLiner insulation liner is minimal when you attribute its overall cost to each bottle carried.  With it, you’re ensuring your wines and their packaging are guarded against thermal shock, condensation (container rain), humidity and more. 

It’s the same principle with insurance.  For a few pence per bottle, you’re making sure that if the worst happens, like your container of wine gets stuck in the hot Suez Canal for days and is damaged by the heat, you’d receive compensation in full for your container of wine (to its insured value) and reimbursement of the freight cost.  Provided you have insurance of course! 

When shipping wines on routes with extreme climates, you must choose the appropriate method of temperature control to protect the wines. Hillebrand VinLiner insulation liners and operating temperature-controlled containers offer different levels of protection and when used in conjunction with our insurance policy we’ve got you covered for the unrepairable effects thermal damage can cause. 

It all boils down to a huge financial loss that can be avoided. 

We care about your cargo. The dream you had of creating it, the time you’ve invested in crafting it and the value you place on it. Ask us for an insurance quote or talk to us about shipping insurance and the types of insulation available to protect your wines against damage. 

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