Kegs for Wine: A Comprehensive Guide

You may have seen kegs of beer before, but what about kegs of wine? 

Yes, kegs for wine do exist.

In fact, kegs are the perfect vessels for any craft beverage, particularly those produced in high volumes. 

Kegs can preserve beverage quality, keeping both the taste and freshness optimum in storage and transit. And it’s now becoming a popular packaging choice beyond the beer sector.

Kegging, the action of putting liquid into a keg, is now being accepted as an appropriate method of packaging for cider, mead, hard soda, cold-brewed and nitro-brewed coffee. Some companies are even kegging draft cocktails.  

Simply put, if you can craft it, you can keg it.

What are kegs for wine called? 

The Cornelius keg (or “corny keg”)  is a stainless steel canister, originally designed for soda but repurposed by the brewing industry. 

The Cornelius Company, based in Anoka, Minnesota, is the best-known manufacturer of these types of containers. The soda industry no longer favours Cornelius kegs, replacing them with a disposable “bag in a box.”

But they are still popular among home beer brewers and can be useful for winemaking.



What are the benefits of kegging your wine? 


There are several benefits to kegging your wine

  • It's good for the environment. Kegs for wine are eco-friendly because they can be reused multiple times.

  • You create less waste and save more money. Why spend more on wine bottles when you could get kegged wine for less? 

  • You get wine that's more consistent in taste. The less distance that wine travels from the keg to the glass, the lower the chance it will go bad because of a broken bottle or oxidization.

Should I invest in kegs for wine?  

If you’re a crafter new to kegging, our top tip is to invest in top-quality kegs

In our experience, crafters have found that leasing kegs for wine is also a great option, because it leaves more funds for capital improvements and expansions. 

You can easily gauge what’s popular and what’s not, and you can make well-informed business decisions from this data.

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