Global shipping industry. Where we are today. 

The movement of goods today is challenging for everyone.  We’ve discussed the consequences of the Pandemic  on world trade, and how the flow of goods has been majorly disrupted by the global container shortage crisis

The huge imbalance of container availability around the world has made shippers really look at their supply chains, routes to market and even the viability of the markets they sell to both now and in the future.  Coupled with the recent Suez Canal incident, there is even more complexity in the global shipping of goods. Even though there was no time to brace for the impact on the shipping industry, every business and every person is weathering the storm.  

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Here’s a snap shot of what’s going on in global container shipping:


More trade lanes explained here in the full Global Shipping Trade Update report

If you are struggling to send a full container of stock, our 
groupage services are an alternative option in helping you to maintain the flow of goods. 

Forecasting, planning and inventory levels now have added complexity due to the unpredictability of the global shipping landscape.  We have 
people, tools and proven processes to manage the flow of goods so don’t be afraid to reach out for a conversation if your business needs a helping hand.

Vessels omitting ports at the last moment is out of our control but the 
protection of your products from exposure to the elements isn’t.  The quality of your goods doesn’t need to be compromised even if the arrival date is.  Consider insulating your container

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