Hillebrand Cargo Insurance is an ‘all risks’ insurance package, covering wines, beers, spirits, soft drinks; in bottle, bag in box or in bulk, against physical loss or damage during transit. For example, if a bottle is accidentally smashed, the insurance will be triggered. Other examples of covered losses include: theft, fire, breakage, water damage, contamination, damage resulting from a natural disaster, collision. It covers all modes of transport (sea, air, rail, road, and barge) and any carrier. The insurance will also cover the costs for removal or debris or clean-up of the spillage resulting from a covered loss. It also provides coverage for the costs you may incur in case General Average is declared on the ship your cargo is loaded on.
There are only a few exclusions: The insurance does not cover the results of a willful acts from the insured (i.e. if you damage the cargo intentionally). Nor does it cover damage resulting from an inherent vice of the goods (i.e. secondary fermentation of the wine because it was not properly filtered) or damage resulting from unsuitable packing (provided that you have been responsible for the packing and have been grossly negligent only). The insurance also excludes any consequential losses, including the consequences of a delay in transit. The full list of the exclusions is available on our policy summary.
Hillebrand may be able to offer you better coverage and/or a lower premium. Do you know if your current insurance package includes a deductible or an excess? Ours does not in most countries. This means that in the case of loss, you are compensated in full up to the value you have insured the goods against. You can easily get an idea of the price of your insurance policy with Hillebrand by using our online calculator (ADD LINK). More accurate premiums can be provided by one of our offices.
If your container is equipped with a Hillebrand VinLiner insulation, the insurance will also cover any thermal damage to the cargo during transit when used adequately.
All cargo moves under legal liability. If damage occurs to your goods during transport, you will have to establish the liability of the carrier, it is not automatic. If the cargo is damaged by any cause outside of the control of the carrier (i.e. a storm, an act of God…), there will be no possible recourse against the carrier. And even if the liability of the carrier is proven, the law or international conventions regulating international freight, are limiting the liability of the carriers to statutory amounts that are very low (i.e. 3$per kg for transport by sea under the Hague Visby rules).This is why it is important for you to insure the goods against their actual value and against all these risks during transport.
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