Hillebrand uses multimodal containers which significantly reduces the handling of your product to minimize any chance of accidental damage.  Once packed, your goods will sit safely inside their container until delivery, without the need to unload/reload, so that it can transfer between road and rail; the container can be lifted directly from train to truck or vice-versa.
Insulating liners such as Hillebrand's VinLiner, are used when cargo that needs safeguarding from thermal shocks, humidity infiltration, condensation, cross-contamination, and odors.
Refrigerated container, or reefers, can be hard to come by.  For products that require shielding from extreme temperatures, rather than to-the-degree control, try our VinLiner insulation liner
20ft (6.06m) 8ft (2.44m) 8ft 6in (2.6m)
40ft (12.2m) 8ft (2.44m) 8ft 6in (2.6m)
For items not negatively impacted by things like temperature, humidity, or bad smells, your standard dry container is the budget-friendly, no-frills choice. They are usually readily available anywhere in the world
A refrigerated container with its refrigeration unit disabled is known as a Non-Operating Reefer.  Its insulating walls stabilize internal temperatures to a degree, but there is less storage space and a higher price compared to a dry or insulated container.
Dry containers, insulated containers and refrigerated containers are available through Hillebrand
Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit.  Sometimes written as 20ft container and used as a standard of measuring capacity for container ships and container terminals.
Refrigerated containers are often refer to as reefer containers.  They are refrigeration units that circulate cool air like a giant fridge, and this is usually controlled digitally.
For perishable and sensitive goods that need to-the-degree cool temperatures, refrigerated containers are the solution. Similarly, goods that need to be kept at steady warmer temperatures can also be transported in a reefer that is set to perform as a heater.
A refrigerated container has a degree of insulation built into its walls.  When the operating unit is not turned on there will still be a level of insulation maintained but it will not be controlled.
40ft (12.2m) 8ft (2.44m) 9ft 6in (2.9m)
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