Anticipate risk and protect your goods

Research to create and protect

At Hillebrand we have a team focused on researching potential risks in global shipping that can cause the deterioration in quality of sensitive products such as wines or beers. The results of this research allows us to design and manufacture products and services to protect goods so they arrive in optimum condition.

Safe-guard your products quality

Thermal risk is the number one cause for quality deterioration during transportation and many products are affected by it. We'll help you predict the temperature and humidity on your shipments planned route with Hillebrand's meteorological data sourced through the WMO (World Meteorological Organization).  Enquire about the right shipping equipment to protect your products on their journey.

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Efficient and recyclable insulation liner

Take advantage of our insulation liner, available worldwide, to safeguard your cased products from thermal shocks, humidity infiltration, condensation, cross-contamination and odor. Through patented technology, we have designed and manufactured this special insulation liner which can be used for containers, pallets or cases.

I wouldn't let any container leave port without a Hillebrand insulation liner.  They are the best thing on the market to keep the wines cool and in tip top condition whilst travelling thousands of miles in a container ship metal box.  Without these the wines would just cook or get cold in extreme temperatures. The fact that the insulation liners are also fully recyclable is a big bonus. 

Andy Bartlett Waddesdon Wine, UK
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