Shield and safeguard sensitive products with VinLiner insulation

Shield your products

Our patented insulation liners steady the shifts in temperature felt by cargo, which travels across time zones and climates.  Defending sensitive cargo from thermal shocks, humidity infiltration, condensation, cross-contamination and odor is now simple and affordable.

Safeguarding any size

Wherever the journey, whatever the size, you’ll find one of our insulation liners available to protect your cases, pallets or full container of products. Fully recyclable and fast to install, upgrade your product’s protection as it travels to destination.

Fast and easy safeguarding for your products

Our VinLiner insulation liner installs in no time at all.  Take a look at our time lapse video to see just how quick and effortless it really is. 



20ft container 

40ft container 

40ft HC container 

Install in 8 minutes 

Install in 15 minutes 

Install in 20 minutes 


Over 25,000 companies, big and small, trust Hillebrand with their products and supply chain
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Anticipate and manage all risks

Couple the insulation liner with our all-risks cargo insurance. The full value of your sensitive goods is protected against thermal shock and all other risks and damages that can occur during transport.

It should be noted that a wine temperature increase of 10°C/50°F will approximately double the rate of aging over the time that the wine is held at the higher temperature.

Richard Gibson Independent Adelaide consultant, Scorpex Wine Services
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