Add efficiency and flexibility to your beverage supply chain

Executive Summary

Importing wine and other alcoholic beverages to Russia and other Central Asian market is complex due to local regulations. Hillebrand can help importers and exporters to succeed in those growing markets providing integrated logistics solutions in our Riga hub. A team of experts will manage the full process including warehousing, relabeling, de-consolidating and consolidating orders, while managing all customs and duty formalities and processes. As a result, importers and exporters will increase their flexibility, reacting better to changes in demand, improving cash-flow and reducing transport costs by 10 to 20%.


Russia, together with other Central Asian markets, show a healthy growth on consumption of imported alcoholic beverages, becoming attractive markets. However local tax, legislation and regulation makes imports a complex matter.



Hillebrand offers a Baltic gateway to Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kirgizstan with its warehousing and cross-docking facility in Riga (Latvia). A +30,000 square metres temperature controlled warehouse located less than 30 km from the port.



Hillebrand Riga facility is more than a simple warehouse; it offers integrated services to improve your supply chain efficiency and costs. Connected with more than 20,000 wineries, distilleries and breweries around the world, Hillebrand’s customers can benefit from the synergies that only a specialist global player can offer.

Dedicated to serving the beverage industry since inception, we have the knowledge and understanding of these sensitive commodities.

A team of experts working across 90 countries, together with leading IT technologies will ensure you get the best possible solution for your logistic needs while preserving the quality of your beverages.

Improve product flow and reduce costs

The purpose of our hub is to move your beverages in and out quickly and act as a buffer to smooth fluctuations in demand.

Your transport rates will improve by using de-consolidation and consolidation with other brands, particularly because we are already working with customers who may be shipping from the same origin and/or to the same final destination.


More flexibility to match market demand

By using our warehousing and cross docking solutions, beverages will be closer to the final market thereby shortening the lead times. This allows a quicker reaction to changes in demand, enabling to adapt to consumer needs by our value added services such as labelling or special packaging.

Optimize your cash-flow

By using Hillebrand facilities in Riga, importers can reduce their stocks at final market, eliminating by-passing warehouses and, at the same time, excise duties are postponed until the beverage reach the final destination.


Imports made easier: Avoid paperwork

Hillebrand experts will manage customs, duties and transport for any destination to accomplish with all the regulations.  You will be able to safely and compliantly reach the market thanks to Hillebrand importing license to Russia.


Keep visibility and control

Benefit from Hillebrand’s in house custom-built applications and leading technologies design to delivering the best outcome for each step of the transportation management process.

myHillebrand will provide visibility and traceability on order and product level, allowing exporters and importers to make informed-based decisions.


Exports simplified: reduce risk

No need of specific labelling and specific stocks at origin. Suppliers don’t need to worry about labelling and stocking bottles for different markets to fulfil the local regulations. Hillebrand can simplify its logistics labelling any packaging at our facilities. Our trained staff can manage several type excise stamps, strips, multi back labels, stickers to relabel the beverages according to each local market needs.


By relying on Hillebrand Riga hub to distribute your beverage to Russia and Central Asian countries you will gain efficiency in your supply chain in the following ways:


  • Optimization of your product mix in delivery to final customers
  • Reduce transportation costs by 12% by using our cross docking services
  • Improve payload and reduce carbon footprint
  • Better reaction to changes on market demand
  • Avoid customs paperwork and ensure a safe border crossing
  • Improve your cash-flow by reducing stocks in the final market and postponing excise duties
  • Ensure the beverage reach destination in optimum condition
  • Reduce risk of stock obsolescence

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