Bulk shipping with Hillebrand is good for the planet

We are often asked about the green credentials of shipping from customers, as sustainable transport is high on the agenda.  Moreover, when it comes to bulk shipping, we’re frequently asked how green our flexitanks actually are. 

As a manufacturer of flexitanks and associated equipment, we place high importance on the recovery, reuse and recycling of equipment. As a freight forwarder, we try to minimise the carbon footprint of our operations. The sustainability of the environment is fundamental, and so to take our efforts further, through Eden Reforestation Projects, we’ve pledged to plant a tree for every flexitank we ship.

Aligned ideals
Our values are aligned with those of the Eden; help protect and restore the environment. 

We are active in our pursuit of a circular economy for the equipment we manufacture, and the mitigation or reduction in carbon emissions we generate. Our sustainable initiatives include flexitanks recovery and recycling, bulkhead recovery and reuse.

By planting a mangrove tree for every flexitank we ship, we’ll be able to offset a portion of the emissions created during the stages of their production and recycling.  By choosing to plant mangrove trees we are choosing to restore and enrich the aquatic ecosystem, since approx. 80% of Hillebrand freight travels by sea.


Our efforts in action
We’ll be part of the Mozambique project, and contributing to the planting of the 8.5 million mangrove trees planned for this area. To give you context on the level of our involvement, each quarter Hillebrand transports around 55,000 flexitanks; so that approx. 220,000 trees we’ll be planting each year!

By restoring this Mozambique mangrove forest, we can potentially increase wild fisheries and habitat protection, whilst safeguarding coral reefs.



Green. It’s a choice you make
To sign up to this project was a ‘no-brainer’. We believe in doing what we can, however big or small to make the world a more sustainable place (read what we’ve been up to in our UN Global Compact report).  We are so excited to be part of this amazing scheme and plant a tree for every flexitank we ship, for ourselves and on behalf of our customers.

Eden is one of the largest recognised global tree reforestation programs and we encourage more businesses to get involved. Beyond the planting of trees, and why we chose Eden, the project strives to break the cycle of poverty by employing the community in which the trees are planted to reforest their region.

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