Bulk shipping just got bigger; introducing Hillebrand’s new 27,000 liter XL flexitank


Our biggest and most versatile flexitank has arrived, and in at the right time it seems.  With ongoing container shortages, ocean freight in unprecedented chaos, changes to sailings and space allocations literally being fought over, it will come as a sigh of relief to hear you can now ship up to a whopping 27,000 liters in one container!


“Customer feedback for bigger payloads has driven this latest invention,” says Jacob Moe, Hillebrand’s Chief Operating Officer for Bulk Liquids.  “Shipping more in a single container movement gives you a better cost per liter, as well as lower carbon emissions per liter.  Something customers all over the world are asking for.”

This is one of the most versatile and one of the biggest flexitanks available in the market. It's up to 27,000-liter capacity, is fully occupied in one 20ft container.  Not only this, we thought of everything in the creation of this new XL flexitank. You can even customize your shipment to a certain degree:

  1. the option to include our patented barrier technology to protect cargoes against oxidization, taint compounds and prevent water vapor transmission;
  2. and/or fill it with two separate liquids.


Its green credentials stack up too.  You’ll have all the benefits as with other Hillebrand flexitanks, such as being 100% recyclable and offering significantly reduced CO2 emissions per liter.  The latter point is in comparison to packaged goods, where you can only ship approx. 9,000 liters when the product is bottled. It also offers reduced emissions compared to standard 24,000-liter flexitanks too. Moreover, this flexitank only requires one bulkhead, so there is less equipment too.  The bulkhead is even reusable, as Hillebrand collects it and repairs it after each use, ready for the next shipment.


“The performance of this new flexitank makes a real difference to the bottom line for our bulk shipping customers. Its launch aptly coincides at a time of extreme disruption in ocean freight,so the ability to ship more at one time is helping to alleviate the strain felt by our customers.”


For a more detailed view of this flexitank take a look at our range here.

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