Faster keg returns allow you to do more with less

Manage any reusable asset

Effective keg management is important for any brewery, regardless of size, especially when you may be shipping beer to international markets. Developed for brewers to return empty kegs faster and meet production demands with less assets, this solution is transferable to any industry.

Easy and efficient keg management

Kegspediter provides a fast, efficient and reliable process to return empty kegs to the brewery for refill. This means a smaller fleet making faster cycle turns to the brewery. Brewers quickly realized that Kegspediter provided a reduction in keg theft and losses, relieved administrative labor and made keg deposit management easier. The solution has continued to evolve, providing not only brewers, but any industry that needs to manage reusable assets with valuable reverse logistics services.

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Fast keg returns

Kegspediter makes keg inventory management and international reverse logistics easy. Meet your production needs and increase your return on investment with fewer kegs. Keg management and shipping beer through the complex international reverse logistics process is easy and affordable with Kegspediter.

The team has really helped us to understand the Kegspediter process and have earned our confidence in the system.  We have been able to plan ahead and have full loads of empty kegs ready for loading which gets them on the road to the brewery faster.

Frank B. Fuhrer Wholesaler, USA
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