Keg Services

Yes, you can. Your Kegspediter Planner will be in touch with you after you enter in your Request Pickup to confirm with you what you are able to load on the trailer. Please have the quantities of heavy and empty kegs broken down.
Many missing kegs are due to erroneous collections that move kegs into the wrong distributor network. Our Kegspediter customers see a reduction in keg loss due to our keg repatriation program. The program allows for beer distributors to return stray kegs back to their respective breweries through the Kegspediter service.
Yes, the transport management system technology is highly configurable.  The customer can select the level of technology engagement that best fits their needs.  Clients can select to have full control of their freight management or allow the Hillebrand team to manage the process for them.  Clients can monitor the real time status of their loads and carrier performance through the tool.
They constantly assist clients with special needs, such as: responding to critical production needs impacted by unforeseen seasonal/event success, rebalancing inventory needs to different production facilities, expediting and executing LTL moves, etc. Our clients have a very strong relationship with our customer service team, as evidenced by the continuous positive feedback we receive.
Our Kegspediter solution is a fully customized service based on each of our client’s specific needs. Through our process, we provide our prospective client with a detailed analysis, projecting their empty keg turns through our solution. We perform this analysis using basic operational data provided from the client.

In addition to the turn analysis, we also provide our prospective clients with a detailed report displaying the direct impact to client’s supply chain ROI."
Our team can assist with Request for Destruction forms.
You can have an unlimited number of users. With your monthly service, 5 users are included with the base cost for BrewBooks. To add more users, the cost is an additional $20 per month for each extra user.
Batch Inventory
Aging Analysis
Turns Analysis
Total Keg Count
Partner Performance
Product Freshness Report"
Contact the KegPros at Hillebrand, they can assist you with options.
KegID is scalable, and we will be happy to send you more labels as your float grows to ensure you are tracking each one of your kegs.
Yes. With a mobile printer that connects via Bluetooth to the device you are using, you can print the updated invoice and provide your customer with a hard copy.
Our BrewBooks solution is specifically designed to be completely integrated with Quickbooks software. Quickbooks and BrewBooks exchange data to provide real-time, cloud-based inventory, ordering and customer information to your sales force.
Yes. We will apply your deposits to the keg buyout price.
Our Keg Pros will be happy to discuss our fair buyout options that allow this choice to our brewery partners.
As your kegs are collected via our Kegspediter service, you will receive keg deposit notification reports to inform you which distributor returns kegs, how many they returned, and what the keg sizes were. These reports include a keg count audit to issue the appropriate keg deposit to your distributor. This information will also be available via our Online Visibility tool.
Yes. KegID has a free application available for iOS and Android devices. All keg movement is recorded through this application, which then feeds the various reports that are generated on the web dashboard.
Your kegs will be branded with your choice of either your brewery’s logo or color-coded striping.
Yes. Through the QuickBooks Web Connector, BrewBooks will sync with QuickBooks so that up-to-date information is maintained in both. The system will sync approximately every 30 minutes, based on settings.
KegFleet ultimately wants brewers to build equity in their lease-to-own asset – the keg. To keep monthly lease rates competitive, KegFleet requires a deposit, which you can apply towards the purchase of the keg. Another option is we return the deposit to you upon completion of the lease term.
The EcoBev team can assist you in submitting your Notice of Intent (NOI) on behalf of the customer/distributor.
Yes. The cartons and containers are recycled. Liquid waste is turned into either ethanol or agricultural fertilizer, or it is disposed of through the local waste water system, as permitted by local authorities.
Yes, we can work with them directly.
Our competitive delivery charges will vary according to the number of kegs and delivery location. Our Keg Pros can discuss all available options to make delivery of your kegs as cost-effective as possible.
This is a generic SKU for all sizes. This SKU is simply a flag to your Kegspediter planner to inform them that you have full kegs you need to send back. Your Kegspediter Planner will call you after you’ve entered in your counts to confirm the kegs that you are planning to send back.
Barcodes are currently the least expensive and most reliable source for scanning. GPS tags require batteries that can expire when the keg is outside the brewery, and the radio frequencies of RFID are unreliable around steel and liquid. However, if these technologies improve, the KegID software can receive information from these scanning methods with some adaptation.
"Absolutely. We provide a fully-automated turnkey solution that should require very little client involvement on a day-to-day basis. Being a part of this industry, we realize it is not always possible to foresee every event and have built a dedicated and skilled customer service team to provide assistance as needed.

They constantly assist clients with special needs, such as: responding to critical production needs impacted by unforeseen seasonal/event success, rebalancing inventory needs to different production facilities, expediting and executing LTL moves, etc. Our clients have a very strong relationship with our customer service team, as evidenced by the continuous positive feedback we receive."
No, but it is an option. We are able to provide transportation services from your location to the disposal facility.
Keg tracking is the ability to track your kegs as they move through the supply chain, inside and outside of the brewery. Using KegID provides visibility into keg movement and the ability to manage a variety of aspects of your fleet. Typical results of keg tracking and the reporting features provided by KegID include loss reduction, turn efficiency, increased inventory control, and more.
Contact the KegPros at Hillebrand, they will be able to assist and verify instructions.
We are able to take back the tapped kegs, but please confirm with the brewer prior to shipping in case there is additional information needed to comply with their tapped keg return policy.
Yes, we can quote you through our EcoBev service.
No. You will need QuickBooks desktop to use BrewBooks. BrewBooks is a cloud-based solution and needs a local server to sync with.
You will have the option to buy your kegs at the listed keg buyout price after the initial 36-month lease term has ended.
"Implementation is easy. The administrative part of implementation can be done in as little as an hour. You will add your users, brands, and keg types. If you have your customer or distributor partners in an Excel format, you can use the Upload Partners tool to add those to the system. The same tool exists for adding kegs that already have barcodes, such as leased kegs. Leasing companies typically have a list of your kegs that they can provide for this action.

If you are purchasing barcodes from us, the application process is simple. The barcodes need to be applied to a clean, dry, room-temperature keg and allowed 24 hours to cure before being filled or subjected to cleaning fluids like caustic. If you have kegs in distribution already, you will just tag kegs as they return to the brewery – until each keg in your float is identified."
We can provide the distributor with necessary volume data and calculations.
KegFleet kegs are eligible for scan rate discounts based on the percentage of KegFleet kegs in your total float.
Yes. In BrewBooks, you can create and maintain sales and delivery routes, assign routes, and print pick sheets for delivery based on routes that you have created.
The COVID-19 SKU is a flag for our planners. It is your way as the distributor to inform us how many full kegs you need to send back. You will enter in the total amount of full kegs in that SKU, as well as the brand specific size and quantities in their respective SKU.
Hillebrand (North America) offers an automated freight management system that provides our clients with technology on a subscription basis. For over 30 years beverage producers have used our transportation management system (TMS), formerly called LogiTrax, to transport their product. In North America alone, Hillebrand moves an average of 8 million kegs and 50 million+ cases of full product per year on behalf of our customers.
EcoBev is the industry’s most comprehensive automated solution for beverage recycling and destruction. In the US, whether you have a pallet of out-of-date beer, a warehouse full of product that needs to be recycled, or a major nationwide recall, EcoBev can take care of it. Our dedicated EcoBev team has the experience, knowledge, and commitment to support your needs. From ongoing market maintenance to a potentially disastrous product recall, it just takes one call to EcoBev to get your beer disposal project started. After you contact us, we will provide you with a quote that outlines the process, costs, and schedule for destruction.
"Yes, you can. Your Kegspediter Planner will be in touch with you after you enter in your Request Pickup to confirm with you what you are able to load on the trailer. Please follow these guidelines:

Have a breakdown of the heavy kegs by brand
Stack these 2 high with all of the same brands on the same pallet
If you have to mix brands on a pallet, please label that pallet as mixed
Do not mix sizes on the same pallet."
"No. Our sophisticated distributor forecast technology uses algorithms, historical data, and forecasts to automatically project specific distributor collections.

Our Kegspediter teams confirm, schedule, and execute those collections. We will electronically notify you and your distributor of the collection details. We will also provide you with a consolidated summary of those transactions through our invoicing system."
Our EcoBev solution is a fully customized service based on each of our client’s specific needs. After the exchange of some basic information, we provide our prospective clients with a proposal that includes cost, process, and destruction timelines.
Yes, but please contact your Kegspediter representative for guidance, so we can properly assist you in building the order for the optimal truck weight and loading.
BrewBooks is the solution for manually entering sales orders, inventory, and invoicing. Through a free application, BrewBooks will automate all sales entries and provide current inventory, product information, and customer visibility. Users can view previous orders and update invoices through delivery – including deposit credits returned to accounts. No more paper/email orders or hours spent inputting data into your system.
By simultaneously picking up a variety of different brands, we can achieve sufficient route density to return your keg much faster than is possible when brands are transported independently. On average, Kegspediter customers see a significant increase in annual keg returns. Through our Kegspediter solution, we collect almost 200 brands from almost 1,400 distributor partners. We collect an average of 8 million kegs per year. Our broad Kegspediter customer base allows distributors to build full loads faster by consolidating participating brands.
We have invested in on-hand inventory for quick customization and delivery. Contact our Keg Pros for more details.
Yes, we offer keg decanting only rates.  Rates may differ by location; contact Hillebrand to get a Keg Decanting Only rate.
Kegspediter’s extensive client base and consolidation procedures enable us to add any quantity of participating brands’ empty kegs to a scheduled distributor pick-up.
Yes, we have several additional keg decanting solutions to offer.
Not only do our customers see an improvement in both increase in annual keg turns and a decrease in keg losses, they can also see benefits such as: a reduction in labor, improved shipment planning, and accurate BOL and keg audits.
Yes. All EcoBev facilities are EPA compliant and properly recycle all waste. We never use landfills.
Data matrix barcodes are laser-etched onto your new KegFleet kegs and are “KegID-ready.” Upon delivery, you will be ready to scan and track your kegs using our KegID software.
You do not.  If you have a specific set of favored carriers, we can configure them into our transport management system so that you can use those carriers to move your freight.  However, there are advantages to using Hillebrand’s carriers since our team regularly monitors market conditions.  We evaluate our contracts regularly as well, so that you benefit from our negotiated routes, rates, and performance standards.
Our initial leasing term is 36 months, which you can extend if you choose.
Your cost to start can be as little as $0, depending on your barcode and scanning needs.  There are no implementation fees if you have kegs that are already barcoded and you start scanning with smart phones. Implementation costs are determined on a case-by-case basis.
Yes. Our services and network are fully scalable.
No, the solution is subscription-based.
Yes, but please contact your Kegspediter representative for guidance, so we can properly assist you in building the order for the optimal truck weight and loading.
Once the Web Connector is installed, the first syncing process will take place.  Once we have the information we will begin setup, organizing your SKUs, sales people and customer information for BrewBooks.  Once complete we will set it in Practice Mode so that your team can practice with the app until they are ready to go “live”.  The process typically takes 10-14 days.
We support breweries of all sizes.
Yes, our browser-based technology is compatible with iOS and Android devices.
No. BrewBooks can work on any smartphone or tablet. If you would like to print invoices at the point of delivery, we do recommend the purchase of Zebra bluetooth printers.
"SCM – Transportation customers benefit from improved visibility of their freight movements and typically realize an immediate improvement to their transportation spend. We auto-tender every load, which assures that clients receive the best rate available at time of tender.

The technology also provides a quantifiable tool to measure carrier performance, based on built-in reporting and metric capabilities."
Through the Online Visibility portal, our clients have real-time visibility of the status of their product in the destruction process. We provide our clients with an automated affidavit of destruction and a project library to electronically hold all of the documents that may be needed for tax reclamation and audit purposes.
Yes, our global network of supply chain services enables us to collect and return empty kegs throughout the world.
Yes. With our delivery function you can organize deliveries, record payments, and adjust an invoice for deposit credits applied or products added while at an account.
The Brewers Association estimates that brewers lose between 4-6% of their kegs each year, which adds up to a profit loss of $10-15 per barrel of beer each year. And while loss reduction is a big part of the return on investment in managing kegs, simple turn efficiency can actually have a bigger impact on your profits – including how you manage capital expenses for future keg purchases.
We make BrewBooks affordable for brewers of all sizes. The base fee is $200 per month, including up to 5 users.
Is your question not listed? Then contact us.