Wine transportation has been our passion for 175 years

Let us take care of all your wine logistics

To craft and package your wines, you need things like corks, barrels, bottles and even machinery, which is why we move more than the finished product. Place the transport of all your materials in our care and we'll make sure that what arrives at your winery is as perfect as what is collected from it.

We do things like this

We proudly delivered 12 bottles of 2000 Bordeaux Grand Cru, that was spent to the International Space Station, for a study on the impact on its chemical and sensory qualities after exposure to extreme conditions.

Preserving beverage quality all the way

The freshness, scent and aroma of your wines, are just some of the wine qualities we focus on preserving during transit. We research transport associated risks that could deteriorate wine quality, such as the climatic conditions inside a container and create equipment to mitigate them.

Your passion for wine, our passion for wine logistics

Safely moving your wine from one place to another, has been at the heart of this company since inception. We've come a long way since carts and barges, placing offices with expert people in every market where wine is crafted and consumed.

Hillebrand has been providing logistic services to De Bortoli Wines since 1999 wherein they have proven to be highly professional. During this time they have provided our business with excellent support and expert advice in areas of bottled and bulk wine export, transport, export/import procedures, customs clearance and other general related services. We can confidently recommend Hillebrand as a reliable service provider and an expert specialist in their field of beer, wine & spirits logistics.

Tony Harper De Bortoli Wines, Australia
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